Welcome to the eSafety section of our website.

In school, we have a new Computing curriculum that teaches the children to be SMART and safe when on-line. Alongside assemblies, visitors of responsibility in the community (i.e. police officers) and bespoke training, children take part in lessons that are tailored to their needs at the time and age appropriate lessons in KS1 and KS2.

There are a wealth of resources out there on the internet, Twitter and other social media, all who have support and advice pages. 
Here are a few links that will give you support in making the internet a safe place to learn, explore and broaden horizons. 

The key message that we give children is about being #responsible for the way you conduct yourself on the internet; being a good digital citizen and performing good digital deeds.  Remember that the internet never forgets! We also have digital leaders that role-model #responsible and safe internet use. 

For specific information visit the websites listed below: