Hamford Primary Academy: Facility Improvement Fund

We are raising funds to build a library and improve the school's over all facilities.


We have £15,000 but need to raise £55,000 for a new library building.  It will also be used as a small groups & one-on-one learning centre. 

Reading is a fundamental skill that leads children to discover the awe and wonder of the world we live in.  Our library currently is in our reception hall and so whilst we have guaranteed the thirst for knowledge through reading, we do not yet have the environment to foster this boundless enthusiasm.  As a result, we are building a library for the 21st century to inspire all our children at Hamford.  We want to inspire them to engage in their reading and to be passionate and enthusiastic readers.

We have architects in and are working on planning. 

This isn't just a building, it is a game changer to how we will be able to deliver education to the children in our care.

Click here to here Mr Hitchin explaining why we need a new library.


We have an ambitious target to reach - £70,000!

Phase 1: £4,000 Planning

               £6,000 Foundations

Phase 2: £25,000 Walls and Roof

Phase 3: £15,000 Fitting Out

Phase 4: £15,000 Internal Furnishings


We are pushing hard on this project for 2014. As an individual or business we would appreciate your support.You can donate via cheque to ‘Hamford School Friends Improvement Fund’ or through our donate button at the top of this page. 

Please let us know if you need a letter for your accounts.

Are you associated with a larger company that would match our fundraising? Please get in touch.


How do I support this project? 
Click on our mydonate button at the top of the page
or write a cheque to "Hamford School Friends Improvement Fund"

The images below are initial plans for the library. They are a work in progress and give you an idea of the direction we would like to go with the project.


Gift Aid is not applicable yet.  Would you like to leave a letter of intent with us until we have achieved Gift Aid status? 

If you have any questions or would like to support the project further please contact us.