Hamford University

Hamford University

Hamford University has been devised to support the Vocational part of the Curriculum and gives children the opportunity to explore inspiring learning experiences.

At the heart of this weekly experience is to enable children to find their ‘spark’ and what interests them. It also allows them to try a diverse range of activities and perhaps try something they wouldn’t normally do.

Every Thursday (for KS1) and Friday (for KS2) afternoon support staff and outside agencies come together to deliver vocational courses to the children of Hamford. Each child wears their Hamford University t-shirt in their house colour to make them feel part of something different. The courses have been designed to produce a learning outcome at the end of every half term so they are working towards a goal.

We are always encouraging the children to reflect on their experiences and strive to make Hamford University even better as the academic year continues.

The children look forward to their Hamford Uni afternoons with much excitement and there is a real energy and buzz around the academy as children are engaged in learning new skills.

We are also now affiliated with Essex Children's University. Children are able to record the clubs and courses they take so that they can work towards graduation. For more details about Essex Children's University, click here.