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Health and Well Being

A Healthy Academy

As part of us being a Healthy Academy, we encourage pupils to bring a bottle of still, plain water to the Academy, so they can drink it whenever they are thirsty (a sip bottle is ideal).

As part of the Academies Fruit and Vegetable Scheme, all our Key Stage 1 children are offered a piece of fruit to eat mid-morning as a way to increase their intake of fruit and vegetables

We have  set up a Healthy Snack Shop, where the  children can buy items such as fruit juice cartons, flavoured water, and cereal bars.

Meals should preferably be paid weekly but, in an emergency, daily. This helps to save much administration time by the staff and your co-operation would be appreciated. Monies should be sent to your child's class in a clearly marked envelop or paid directly to the office.

Your child may bring a packed lunch, including a drink to the Academy. We ask parents to work with us and ensure that packed lunches contain healthy options i.e. fruit and/or vegetables and not sweets or chocolate or fizzy drinks.

Please make sure your child's lunch box is clearly labelled.