School Calendar

Please refer to the Academy calendar for events that are taking place. Please also note that events may also be written in our Newsletters and sent home in the children's book bags.
Information regarding term time absence
Does the school need letters explaining my child’s absence or will a phone call do?
We would expect a parent to telephone the school on the first day of absence or complete the online absence form and we need a written explanation on your child’s return to school. If we do not receive an explanation, or if the explanation is unsatisfactory, we will not authorise the absence and this will be shown on your child’s end of year report.

If I send a letter will this mean absence is authorised?
For absent pupils of compulsory school age, the register must record whether or not their absences are authorised. If no acceptable reason for the absence has been received at the time of registration, the absence is unauthorised unless or until a satisfactory reason is given. A note or explanation from a pupil’s home does not mean an absence becomes authorised. The decision whether or not to authorise an absence rests with the school.

Can we take family holidays during term time?
Absences during term time will not be routinely authorised. If there are exceptional circumstances which require your child to be absent during term time, you must complete an ‘application for leave of absence form’ which will be referred to the Principal. Forms are available from the school office. If annual leave is governed by employment conditions e.g. armed forces, a letter from the employer may be required.