Who's Who?

Teaching and Learning

Mrs Kemp-Hall

Executive Principal

Mrs Powell

Teacher of Simmonds Class (YR/1)

Mrs Poole


Miss Venables

Teacher of Dahl Class


Miss Haines

Assistant Principal

(Early Years/Key Stage 1)

Teacher of Park Class (YR/1)

Mrs Cains

Teacher of MacArthur Class


Mr Henderson

Assistant Principal

(Lower Key Stage 2)

Teacher of Parks Class (Y3/4)

Mrs Chaplin

Teacher of Constable Class


Mr English

Assistant Principal

(Upper Key Stage 2)

Teacher of Mandela Class (Y5/6)

Mrs Kemp

Teacher of Luther-King Class


Miss Stone
Teacher of Parks Class and Year 5/6 Interventions

Miss Elliott

Teacher of Barnardo Class


Mr Severin

Teacher of Potter Class


Mrs Paternoster

Cover Teacher

Mrs Stallard

Cover Teacher

Support Staff

Mrs Wren

Mrs Rolfe

Mrs Aylen

Mrs Ailud

Mrs Ward

Mrs Greig

Mrs Creus

Mrs Brooks

Mrs Carter

Mrs Price

Mrs Goodwin

Mrs Day

Mrs Stubbins

Mrs Thomas

Mrs Cocks

Mrs Pawley

Mrs Duffy

Autism Support Centre (‘The Ark’)


Mr Henderson

Lead Teacher for ASD

Mr van den Ende

Academic interventions

Mrs Mortimer

Learning Assistant

Mrs Smith


Mrs Voller

Learning Assistant

Mrs Wedge


Mrs Couchman

Learning Assistant


Catering/Lunchtime Team

Mr Smith

Business Manager

Mrs Borgiel

Catering Manager

Mrs Jessop


Mrs Ward


Mrs Fowle


Mrs Greenaway


Mrs Clarke


Mrs Monkhouse

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Lock

Midday Supervisor